Layers of Security


Team NiSCA provides layers of security features.

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The most common security features on today's ID cards are custom and generic holographic over-laminates, pre-printed micro- or nano-text on cards and embedded holographic images on the card surfaces. Experts in security printing all agree that the more security features that are in a document, the less likely that document will be counterfeited. In an ideal situation, every ID card printed would have at lease three security features.

The NiSCA ID Card Printers are one of the most versatile printing foundations on the market. With the newest security features added in the most recent months, the vast combinations are endless. And, with the easy installation of a NiSCA laminator to an existing printer installation, you can upgrade your system to increase security in a matter of minutes.

The PR5300 Series provides support for a multitude of security features that include:

  • UV printing of static or variable images
  • Micro text printing
  • Full 1 mil security overlaminate with various holographic and ink options
  • Magstripe encoding on track 1, 2 and 3 in high- or low-coercivity
  • Password protected variable resin or UV printing-allowing the automated printing of the printer's serial number, printer's model number, date of printing and variable demographic data.
  • Smart Card features include contact IC chip and RFID from HID, MIFARE and Legic technologies
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