VIP Colour Label Inkjet Printer


Colour Label Inkjet Printer VP485, an 8.5" wide color-on-demand label printer, the fastest desktop color inkjet label printer on the market today printing at up to 4inches per second (101.6 mm/sec).

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The unit redefines the desktop color label printer market with its speed and quality, expanding the range of applications that can be served with this type of equipment.

Key Features

  • Prints up to 4 ips
  • Large separate ink tanks that reduce cost and waste
  • Prints full bleed for a professional quality finish
  • Capable of printing up to 4800 x 1200 dpi
  • Handles label rolls up to 8.5” wide and 9” in external diameter
  • Produces deep, vibrant colors for optimum impact
  • Print as little or as many labels as you require
  • Printed image provides excellent water and UV resistance
  • Print on gap, black mark or continuous label and ta stock
  • Quiet and reliable

Unlike many units in the market today, the VP485 is designed with large separate ink tanks. Each separate ink color can be changed discretely and are operated in conjunction with long-life print heads. This greatly reduces the frequency of replacements as well as the unnecessary waste and costs associated with tri-color ink cartridges that users face today. The VP485 enables companies to produce color labels in-house, exactly when and where they are needed, with the exact content and quantity required. Ideal for the production of labels with variable color, images, text and barcode content, the VP485 generates customized product and package labels for events, special occasions or for private branding. The VP485 is also perfect for the regionalization required for products sold within foreign markets and is particularly suited for gourmet food, beverage, sauces, food supplements, medical devices, hardware/DIY in-store, color picture shoe box labels and apparel price tags applications.

Typical Applications

 VP485 Datasheet


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