Océ VarioStream


Versatile web-fed production printers With the Océ VarioStream 7000 series, Océ introduces the most flexible and adaptable family of web-fed printing systems.

หมวดหมู่ : PRINTERS Laser Production Printer


A broad array of input and output options enables the production of the widest variety of applications. Print in black-and-white or spot colours, simplex or duplex, transaction or graphic arts applications: the Océ VarioStream 7000 can be adapted to your particular needs. Save time, gain productivity, expand your digital application capabilities and profit from flexible production around the clock. Océ makes it possible.

Designed to meet toughest production needs, Océ's VarioStream 7000 series pushes forward the boundaries in digital document production. Océ VarioStream equips you for every digital printing challenge. With scaleable speeds from 180 to 1,200 ppm for medium to highest print volumes. With pinless or pinfeed paper transport. Excellent connectivity and a choice of modes to fit into your particular IT environment, and upgradeable levels of imaging quality standard, production, or superb graphics quality - to suit your application requirements.
Océ VarioStream 7000. The series built for growth and adaptability
Océ offers investment protection that is unique in the industry. Océ VarioStream 7000 systems are high end production lines that you can flexibly combine in simplex, duplex or triplex configurations, depending on the type of job you are running. Every Océ VarioStream 7000 high performance printer is engineered for growth - in quality and quantity. Your systems can be upgraded at your site from 180 ppm to 1,200 ppm. The quality is also simple to adapt, from economical 240/300 dpi Standard output to superb 600 dpi graphics quality. Print in black, select from our standard palette of spot or highlight colours, or have us mix a special Océ CustomTone toner to match your corporate colour. Everything is possible.
Broaden your range of application production. Whether you are a print-for-pay provider or an in-plant production facility, you can extend your application range. From books and booklets to bills and statements to the newest convergent applications, the unique Océ VarioStream 7000 CX versions can handle them all. Invest in flexibility - gain in productivity.
The fast track to profit - from printing to finishing
The Océ VarioStream 7000 Series is a part of your complete document production workflow. Combined with inline and offline finishing systems, it offers a total document production solution for data centres, service bureaus, mailing companies and the graphic arts industry. Improve your process control with UP3I, a multi-vendor, open standard that provides intelligent communication between devices about job requirements. From printing to binding to final, ready-to-deliver product, you can rely on Océ to provide a complete solution with our certified partners.
·         Océ Booklet System 7000
·         Océ Softcover Book System 7000
·         Océ Book Section System 7000
·         Océ Newspaper System 7000
Océ - your architect for a new, open systems landscape
Natura lly, the Océ VarioStream 7000 series fits into your existing systems environment. We develop, implement and install solutions that are custom-tailored for complex information architectures anywhere - data centre or print shop, headquarters or remote locations. Built on an open systems architecture and the benchmark for multi-vendor environments, Océ PRISMA can provide the infrastructure for the entire document lifecycle. From creating and revising, managing and distributing, to delivery, archiving, tracking. For the information flow from every source to every destination. Today and tomorrow.
The best just got better
Building on decades of technology leadership, the Océ VarioStream 7000 series combines the rock-solid reliability of Océ's Pagestream and Demandstream families with the latest digital printing technologies. Whatever your application, today and in the future, the Océ VarioStream 7000 series is the choice for flexibility, power and productivity in digital production printing. 

 VS7000 Series 
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