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Continuous feed triplex printing system The continuous feed printing system that prints both sides of the paper plus an additional colour on

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            Introduction Triplex printing makes it possible to print on both sides of the paper ? and print an additional colour on one of the sides. Being based on the Océ Variostream 7000, the Océ Variostream Triplex can also operate as a stand-alone simplex and/or twin printing system. Plus, the system gives users the security that they will always have the right equipment on hand for virtually every requirement. More Do you produce policies and statements with content tailored to specific clients? Or print double-sided documents for your customers, with super-fast order turnaround times? Do you set store by the use of particular colours to match your corporate identity and add visual impact to documents? With the Océ Variostream  Triplex™ on your team, you can meet all these requirements: triplex printing gives you printing on both sides of the paper? with an additional colour on one side. Simplex, duplex, triplex: a triple winner. The Océ Variostream Triplex gives you virtually unlimited flexibility. Based on the Océ Variostream 7000, the Océ Variostream Triplex offers maximum versatility: as well as the "duplex-plus-CustomTone" application, it can also be used as a single and twin system. And you can be certain of always having the right equipment on hand for just about any type of job. The Océ Variostream Triplex always gives you the best possible flexibility. CustomTone  gives you the same excellent print quality you're accustomed to from Océ. And swapping the Océ CustomTone  colour ? standard or special ? with speed and ease is no problem, thanks to the special Quick Change Developer Station (QCDS). 

              "Trust but verify": SRA for top-notch security Being based on the normal Océ Variostream 7000 models, the Océ Variostream Triplex can easily be upgraded in the same way as these systems. You see, Triplex technology is mature. This also addresses the issue of data security, provided by the error recovery of the SRA controller. Proven in thousands of installations world-wide, the SRA controller architecture by Océ builds functionality and security into all Océ Variostream printing systems?and reliability into your printing line. With up to nine parallel processors and scaleable performance, SRA delivers utmost reliability and performance. For instance, the error recovery system monitors the data flow throughout the printing process and automatically reprints corrupt pages.
               Pinless technology: do without the trimmings
The Océ Variostream Triplex features innovative pinless paper transport: the technology of the future. Use plain webs instead of punched and perforated forms. There's no need to trim off the feed margins ? and no offcut to dispose of. Use the full print width of 18 1/4" and benefit from the extra savings this provides. Naturally, pinless technology from Océ also gives you the freedom to continue using your conventional forms if you wish.

 VS7000 Triplex Datasheet
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