Types of Turnstile Gates (Auto Gates)

No matter if your purpose is to increase security, collect entry fares, or even monitor the number of entries/exits, there are multiple types of turnstile gates that will suit your needs. Below are the following types of turnstile gates and their benefits to consider.

Flap barrier turnstile gate
These turnstile gates have a form of a barrier consisting of two flaps that come together when closed. The channel is generally wide enough to allow a single entry by pedestrians, and may sometimes be wide enough to allow wheelchair access. Depending on the model, these gates may be integrated with facial recognition or finger scan technology. Ideal for large crowd control, these flap barriers operate with high speed and are safe to the general public. Application examples include train stations (e.g. BTS, MRT), sports facilities, tourist attractions, etc.

Swing turnstile gate
With wider channels than flap barriers, swing turnstile gates can range from 60-100cm in width. Its wide entry channels are most appropriate for access for those traveling with large luggage, on bicycles, or in wheelchairs; however, these gates only operate at a regular speed. Depending on its purpose, swing turnstile gates may be integrated with access control features such as smart cards, RFID cards, barcodes, or even finger scan technology.

Sliding turnstile gate
These gates may come in the form of full-height or half-height sliding barriers. Both half-height and full-height sliding barriers operate quietly at high speeds, but full-height barriers offer greater security with taller barriers.

Full-height turnstile gates
At over 2 M, these full height turnstile gates operate like a revolving door for entry and exit. Since these gates are over 2 M high, this offers maximum security with no chance of people jumping over the gates. The gate itself may be integrated with finger scan technology, ID cards, facial recognition, etc. Moreover, these full-height gates are ideal as gateways to sporting events or even embassies.

Half-height turnstile gates
Although not as secure as full-height turnstile gates, half-height turnstile may be most suitable for locations where aesthetics is prioritized. The gates can feature various types of barriers such as sliding or flap barriers, and they can be integrated with different access control technology such as biometric scanners or card readers.

Drop arm turnstile gate
Available as a single-arm barrier or double-arm barrier, these barriers are an effective deterrent against multiple entries per time. Its design provides a fair compromise between aesthetics and security. Additionally, access control features such as finger scan, RFID readers, and magnetic card readers may be added to the turnstile 
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