OCR Desktop Passport Reader QR4000(I)


Passport Reader is able to extract data from ICAO 9303 standard and Non-ICAO 9303 standard travel documents.





Premium Passport Reader Model QR4000(I)



  • Read ICAO Doc 9303 compliant & non-ICAO Travel Document;
    Obtain digital data from contactless chips ( RFID reading);
    Equipped with 5.0 Megapixel camera;
    500 DPI image;
    Capturing images in visible, infrared and ultraviolet illumination;
    Provide customized OCR service for local documents. 

1) ICAO Doc 9303 
2) OCR processing;
3) RFID reading (ID card and e-Passport or biometric passport);
4) 1D & 2D barcode reading;
5) Illumination: Visible, IR;
6) Sensor: CMOS 5.0 Megapixels;
7) Resolution: 500DPI;
8) Providing Software development kit;
9) Designed for OEM integration & optimized for self service solutions
10) Larger scanning window improves the images for KIOSKs;
11) Customized development all travel documents recognition from the worldwide; currently, it can recognize e-passport, passport, Visa, Driving license, ID card and so on;



 Datasheet Passport Reader QR4000(I)