T / TR Series


True on-line double conversion design UPS



T / TR Series
Features :
  • True on-line double conversion design UPS
  • Fully Digitized Microprocessor Controlled
  • Output power factor 0.9
  • Wide input voltage range 110-300Vac
  • 50/60 Hz frequency converter mode
  • MIMIC LCD for real-tme UPS status display
  • Auto self-testing system while turning on UPS
  • Eco mode operation for energy saving
  • Emergency power off (EPO) function
  • Programmable power management outlets
  • Selectable output voltage via LCD panel
  • Cold start function
  • Smart battery charger design to optimize battery performance
  • Battery charger with temperature compensation technology
  • Short circuit protection
  • Lightning and surge protection
  • Built-in USB and RS-232 communications port for management software
  • Generator compatible
  • Optional external maintenance bypass switch
  • Optional compatible with SNMP protocol
  • Standards and Approvals : ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & TIS. 1291 Part 1-2553, TIS. 1291 Part 2-2553, TIS. 1291 Part 3-2555
Model & Power Rating
  • T-1000, TR-1000          1kVA/900W
  • T-1500, TR-1500           1.5kVA/1,350W
  • T-2000, TR-2000        2kVA/1,800W
  • T-3000, TR-3000        3kVA/2,700W


Fully Digitized Microprocessor Controlled guarantees high reliability
Automatic Voltage Regulator for Boost & Buck
Digitalized PWM-based controller provides pure sinewave output
LCD panel for comprehensive display including input voltage, output voltage, load level, battery level and UPS status
To provide longer backup time, we also offer long-run model for T series
Built-in USB Communication Port for UPS Monitoring and Controlling Software
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