Ribbon Resin Sato T222A


For use in extreme conditions where strict requirements are to be followed and recommend for its ability to withstand repeated exposure to chemicals such as isopropanol and brake fluid.


Ribbon Resin Sato T222A 


Ribbon Resin Sato T222A 


Ribbon Resin Sato T222A

SATO printing ink, resin type, developed with Japanese standards. To withstand abrasion. and various solvents This will cause the text or barcode to peel off, fade away, and can still be used at the location. In the refrigerated room as well. Suitable for property installation work, electronic work, product warranty work, electrical appliances, car parts production work, etc.
  • Stain resistant And very resistant to scratches as well.
  • high speed printing
  • Excellent ability to print small characters

Description / Specification
  • Film Material : Resin
  • Film Thickness (mm) : 4.5 ± 0.8μ
  • Density : 1.4 + 0.05g/Cm2
  • Ink Number : R436A
  • Melting Point : 99.3 + 20C (DSC method)
  • Ribbon Thickness : 6.7 ± 0.3μ
  • Outer Diameter : 68mm Ø and below
  • Winding Direction : Face in
  • Ribbon End Portion : Tape down by 4mm wide poly-tape. Silver tape (120mm) is used for detecting ribbon end.
  • Ribbon Start Portion : Transparent film (with SATO logo) and held in place by tape.
  • Inner Diameter : 25.6 + 0.3mm
  • Outer Diameter : 33.6 + 0.5mm
  • Length : 45.0 + 0.5mm 


Datasheet : Ribbon Resin Sato T222A




Specialty Ribbons
Sato also offers a variety of ribbons designed for customers with specific requirements.

  • Available in wax, wax / resin, or resin for diverse applications
  • Multiple colors
  • Near-edge capability


   Halogen-Free Ribbons
  • SATO’s ribbons are halogen-free as we are committed to contribute towords a greener environment and partner with our customers to implement green initiatives.
  • Why Choose Halogen-Free Ribbons?
    • Better for the environment
    • Enhanced fire safety with lower smoke toxicity
    • Comply with applicable environmental and “green” initiatives


   Labels & Tags
  • SATO’s thermal transfer and direct thermal printing experts can recommend the best label or tag solution for any application.
  • Specializing in custom solutions, our tags and labels are manufactured in-house in the USA. The most common sizes are in-stock and ready for immediate shipment.
  • We offer consumables for competitive printers and SATO models alike. Make SATO your source for all your printing supplies.
  • Use the best in the industry, use SATO genuine labels, ribbons and tags.


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