FX3-LX may be used as a desktop-resident or mounted printer, or anywhere throughout your operation for standalone label printing applications.



The FX3-LX interactive 7-inch full-color touchscreen interface makes operation simple and easy. With its video playback feature, this can eliminate extensive training of your staff on its processes and procedures as well as basic printer functionality or troubleshooting.
Compatible with an array of optional accessories, the FX3-LX was designed for today's user interaction.

Features :

  • 7” full color touchscreen
  • Wireless connectivity, work where it is needed
  • Long lasting battery allows for hours of mobile usage
  • Optional mounting capabilities and a center-positioned handle for mobility
  • SATO AEP (Application Enabled Printing) saves you time and resources to quickly develop printing solutions
  • Easily connects to scanners, scales, keyboards and other devices for data entry accuracy







SATO App Storage

Enjoy peace of mind and efficiency with up-to-date data anytime, anywhere
With SATO App Storage, a cloud-based data management service, you can:

  • Keep label data accurate for printing
  • Track downloads of label printing applications
  • Enable smooth addition or change of printers, and more!


SATO Online Services (SOS)
Cloud-based IoT solution to keep your operations running & visible
By keeping constant watch on printer status, SOS notifies operator when an expendable part needs replacement and offers prompt and effective resolution to problems. SOS enables user to:

  • Minimise downtime through proactive preventative maintenance
  • Keep all printers visible to achieve efficiency with dashboard
  • Use SOS to manage all IT assets on-site


Application Enabled Printing (AEP)

Embedded within the printer, this next generation of smart printing allows FX3-LX printer to be used as a standalone printing solution, eliminating the need for costly computers. It enables user to connect printer with peripheral devices such as barcode scanner, keypad, etc for PC-less printing.
Printer Options

  • Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Battery Mount Kit
  • Battery Charger
  • Cradle Kit
  • WLAN/Bluetooth Kit
  • Cutter Kit
  • Partial Cutter Kit
  • Linerless Kit
  • Wall Mount Kit


 Datasheet SATO FX3-LX


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