PR-C201 Team NiSCA Retransfer Printer


NiSCA's Retransfer Plastic Card Printer presents a 600 dpi printing resolution most suitable for high volume printing.

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Durable plastic card printer with 600 dpi resolution
    TEAM NiSCA’s PR-C201 plastic card printer offers users a large sized printer at an inexpensive price. As a reputable brand from Japan, TEAM NiSCA has long been widely accepted as manufacture of quality card printers that come in various models. In fact, these printer models range from small sized printers for ease of use to large scale printers for printing Smart Cards.
    The PR-C201 model is regarded as a large, user-friendly printer well suited for printing businesses and other businesses or schools that require ID card printing. Furthermore, the PR-C201 also has superior features to those of other brands in ways that it offers high resolution up to 600 dpi and 24 bit color depth. These features guarantee that all printing results are of highest quality, and that every kind of detail including company logos, messages, and ID photos will be printed to perfection. Additional, the PR-C201 features a retransfer printing method, which enhances the printhead’s durability.
    Given that the PR-C201 prints at a speed up to 160 sheets per hour for one-sided printing and 100 sheets per hour for dual-sided printing, this renders it suitable for printing businesses and schools. Moreover, the printer is compatible with 2 different card sizes including CR-79 and CR-80 at a thickness ranging from 0.25-1.0 mm. The cards itself may also be of different materials such as PVC, PET, PC and ABS. It is definitely an easy task to set up this printer model, as it operates with both USB and LAN interfaces, and supports Windows XP and Windows 8.
If you are seeking an inexpensive plastic card printer that is both easy to use and of high quality, the TEAM NiSCA PR-C201 would be the ideal printer for you


Key Features:
  • Retransfer printing method that enhances printhead durability
  • 24 bit color
  • Resolution up to 600 dpi 
  • Maximum printing speed 160 sheets/hr
  • Allows both single and dual-sided printing

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