MINDEO MS3390 Mobile Scanner for Ipad


Portable barcode scanner with phenomenal performance.


    The Mindeo MS-3390 is a portable, pocket-sized mobile scanner designed to be compatible with iPads and various tablets. This feature grants greater convenience, as the MS-3390 connects with iPhones, iPads, Notebooks, or Mini Notebooks while users are outside their usual working stations. For instance, users can store information in the mobile scanner when checking offsite inventory.

    The mobile scanner comes fully equipped with a 650-nm visible laser diode that facilitates barcode scanning by improving the accuracy and efficiency of the scanning process. Furthermore, it comes with a data storage capacity of 10 MB, which is sufficient for scanning barcodes, and battery capacity allowing up to 6 hours operating time without the need to recharge during working hours.  In terms of its working range, the MS-3390 also features a seamless Bluetooth V 2.0 technology that permits a working distance of up to 10 m. Moreover, the MS-3390 also features a multi-line LCD display and LED Backlight that promotes efficient communication.

Key Features:
 Compact size and portable design

Bluetooth V 2.0 working distance up to 10 m
 10 MB data storage capacity
650nm visible laser diode
Operates for 6 hours when fully charged
Compatible with iPads and tablets

 MS3390 Datasheet
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