Mindeo MD2230AT+ Laser Barcode Scanner



Mindeo MD2230AT Plus
เครื่องอ่านบาร์โค้ดชนิดเลเซอร์ Mindeo MD2230AT+
   ++Sold over 80,000 scanners++   
The new MD2230AT Plus features an IP52 environmental sealing and decodes all major 1-D symbologies. Not only praised for its high performance, the barcode scanner also has a durable built that can withstand a 4 m drop on concrete surfaces—a drop resistance never achieved before by any other brands. Furthermore, the MD2230AT Plus has a scan rate up to 200 scans per second with excellent barcode scanning accuracy as well; these features make the scanner most suitable for front desks at the bank, post offices, small to medium manufacturers, and more. At this affordable price, the MD2230AT also comes with a USB or RS-232 option.

Key Features :
  • 650 nm visible laser diode
  • Scan rate of 200 scans per second
  • Decodes all major 1-D symbologies
  • Connects with either USB or RS-232 port
  • IP52 environmental sealing
  • Comes with a Mindeo Stand

"Sole product distributor in the country"



Datasheet : Mindeo MD2230AT+ Laser Barcode Scanner




Mindeo MD2230AT+'s performance v.s. other brands

Test drop video on a concrete floor

Prior to purchasing, please check the certificate of authorization to ensure that you are receiving genuine products and that you are receiving manufacturer trained services.

Mindeo MD2230AT Plus
Mindeo MD2230AT Plus
Mindeo MD2230AT Plus 
Mindeo MD2230AT Plus

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