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High speed Printronix P8000 Line Matrix Printers



The Printronix P800 Line Printer series presents models with print speed ranging from 500-2,000 lines/min and includes models specifically designed to operate under Windows System     
Print SpeedP8200HDP8005/P8205P8210P8215P8220
Inches per MinuteLines per Minute
High Speed Mode 500100015002000
Data Processing Mode 37575011251500
Near Letter Quality Mode 200400600800
180 x 180 dpi79    
120 x 120 dpi165    
90 x 180 dpi147    
90 x 90 dpi236    
Printhead11 mil16.7 mil16.7 mil16.7 mil16.7 mil
  1. Ability to set 8 printer menu configurations 

  2. Ribbon Minder Feature that presets the ribbon life to a specific value and stops further printing once the ribbon reaches its preset life value. This preserves the result's quality and prevents results with faded ink. 

  3. Graphic LCD display that indicates the printer's current work status 

  4. Includes warning signals such as blinking lights and sounds that indicate if there is a print error 

  5. Print width ranging from 3-17"

  6. Ability to reset the printer through the printer display without having to turn off the printer

  7. Driver Printer PRINTRONIX that supports Windows XP, Windows 2008, Windows 7/8, Vista, and SAP, which is normally for printing forms and barcodes. Guaranteed print resolution of 90x90 DPI, 120X120 DPI, and 180x180 

  8. Energy saving mode included in all models (only uses up to 14 watts on standby)

  9. ISO 9001 certified design and manufacturing practices, and ISO 7779 certified for proper conduct with environmental pollutants.

  10. In the case of printer malfunctions and unavailable technicians for servicing, a printer of the same or similar model will be available as backup within 24 hours. 

  11. Service centers scattered throughout the country for nationwide services (includes service centers within Bangkok, and 20 more service centers in other provinces)

  12. 12-month warranty on the printer and printhead                                        


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